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Integrated Education and Communication (IEC) are committed to providing participants with informed practical strategies in a variety of educational and psychological areas. IEC aim to provide participants with workshop activities and theoretical information to facilitate understanding of the topics presented.

The introductory ABA workshop provides participants with a sound knowledge of the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) with particular emphasis on discrete trial training (DTT).

The specialist workshops aim to extend and develop the skills and expertise of all professionals who work with children, parents and families.

Information is supported by video footage and workshop activities such as role plays. Active participation in the workshop activities is crucial to achieving an overall understanding of the techniques used and provides an opportunity to receive feedback and ask questions.

A certificate of completion is awarded to all participants who complete each workshop. All participants who complete the introductory ABA 4 night workshop are eligible to be listed on the IEC's instructors list. The list is distributed to families who service IEC, that require instructors to work with their child on an ABA program. Completion of specialist workshops will also be listed on the IEC's instructor list.


ABA Therapy Workshop


Dates – 19th May (Thursday)

Time -  9:00am-4:30pm

Venue- Integrated Education and Communication, 182 Canterbury Road,  Blackburn 3130

Cost -  $180 per person, or

            $165 per person early bird special (if paid before 30/04/11)

Lunch, Morning/Afternoon Tea and handouts all provided.








This workshop will enable parents and therapists to implement behaviour intervention to children using Discrete Trial Teaching and the principles of ABA. Participants will gain an understanding of the nature of Autism, introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Discrete Trial Teaching, prompting strategies, teaching a target item, reinforcement, generalization, maintenance and data collection. The workshop will be interactive with many videos, role plays and hands on demonstrations.


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