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Teaching Social Play Skills
ABA THERAPY - theory workshop

ABA 1 Day Workshops

Course Outline

This workshop will enable parents and therapists to begin teaching children through ABA Therapy under supervision.  Participants will gain an understanding of children with Autism; their behavioural deficits and excesses.  The workshop will cover an introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and participants will gain an understanding of Discrete Trial Teaching.  The workshop will address prompting strategies and how to use them when teaching.  Participants will learn how to introduce and teach a target item and they will gain an understanding of the types of reinforcement and how to utilize rewards to change behaviour and teach new skills.  Themes such as how to structure the child’s therapy sessions and how to maintain and generalize mastered skills will be addressed.  Participants will gain understanding of discrete data collection and they will learn how to perform task analyses to break complex skills down into small teaching components.  The workshop will be interactive with many videos, role plays and hands on demonstrations.

Lovely  Lunch, Morning/Afternoon Tea and Handouts   all provided. 9893 5547 for an application form.

Workshop List

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) - 1 day workshop180 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM 1/01/2001 IEC Clinic 182 Canterbury Rd Blackburn Sth
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