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Teaching Social Play Skills
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Working With Challenging Behaviours

Course Outline

A workshop for professionals, parents, integration aides and therapists who aim to understand and reduce challening behaviorus in children.
Participants will develop and understanding of the steps involved in the assessment of challenging behaviours and they will gain an understanding of the broader physiological and ecological factors which contribute to challenging behaviours.  Case study analyses will be utilized to demonstrate how to collect and analyse behavioural observation data.  The workshop will cover many methods for successfully managing and reducing challenging behaviours through pro-active strategies including; ecological manipulations, skill development, positive programming, emotion recognition, token economies, coping and tolerance, desensitization, reinforcement, and others.  Participants will also learn how to manage and reduce challenging behaviours through reactive strategies including response cost token economies, stimulus control, instructional control, time out, overcorrection, physical management, re-direction and other strategies.
Lovely  Lunch, Morning/Afternoon Tea and Handouts   all provided.

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