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Teaching Social Play Skills
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Success in the Classroom

Course Outline

Educating Children with Autism and Developmetnal Delays - A Workshop for primary school integration aides and teachers.  
This Workshop will give Teachers and Integration Aides many practical strategies to utilize in the inclusive classroom when teaching children with Autism and Developmental Delays.  The strategies aim to promote success and ease of learning through a consideration of the children’s individualized needs in the classroom environment.  The workshop will address many strategies for success including; the use of day and task schedules, reinforcing and motivating the child, environmental considerations, promoting independence, modifying and simplifying instructions, pro-active and re-active strategies for challenging behaviours, communication between staff, supporting the child at mat times, establishing compliance, working with obsessions and self-stimulatory behaviours, providing break times, targeting and changing behaviours, the importance of repetition and the use of visuals.  Participants will gain an understanding of how to perform task analyses in order to break complex skills down into smaller learning goals and they will learn how to modify the classroom work to suit each child’s individual learning needs.  The workshop will also equip participants with an understanding of basic educational programming and program evaluation skills.

Lovely  Lunch, Morning/Afternoon Tea and Handouts   all provided.

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